Glass Top Ping Pong Table

By: on October 27, 2014

Oh good, I was hoping someone would come up with a way for me to enjoy the excitement of a ping pong match from below. TravisMathew has developed this Glass Top Ping Pong table as a custom, made-to-order in the OC, price unspecified element of even better good times in the game room. Who doesn't love transparency? And the thought of the drunkest dude at the party tripping down the steps and smashing into a 300-pound sheet of glass polished for fast but consistent play?

Anyone in the Newport Beach area who wants to test out a few rounds on the Glass Top Ping Pong table before committing it to his mancave can take in its 1/8" wall structural steel frame, milled joints, and auto quality paint job in person at Fashion Island.

And for those wondering if it's possible to play all of their favorite sports on glass, check out the possibilities that lie in GlassFloor LED-lit sports courts.

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Truck Tailgate Beer Pong Table

$67.17 from Amazon »

They say Penda C86-TPX Tailgate Pong is the second best thing you can do when you park your truck....

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Fusiontables - Dining/Pool Tables

Game and grub. Grub and game. Thanks to Fusiontables, your mechanism for doing so is now one in the same. Designers and engineers at Belgian company Saluc have created these hybrid pool-dining tables to conserve space...

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LED Beer Pong Table

I have so many reasons to celebrate. 1) It didn't reach 1215 degrees F yesterday (and despite some initial white-knuckling turbulence, my airplane did not fall out of the sky). 2) Three days from now I'm going to be receiving...

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Mini Beer Pong Table

$79.99 from Amazon »

Mini Beer Pong says with their slotted and tethered tabletop set you'll never chase another beer pong ball again. Never chase another beer pong ball again? Isn't half the fun of playing beer pong running, crawling, and...

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Described as an Interactive Pool Table System, this really has to be seen in action to be believed. Transform any pool table into a digitally-enhanced video experience. High-definition imagery responds in real-time to...

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Putter Pool

$139.99 from Amazon »

Now that NFL powerhouse and perennial Super Bowl favorites the Seattle Seahawks have been knocked out of the playoffs, I'm going to have to find something else to do from within the 6' radius surrounding my recliner....

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Banana Pool Table

$18,611 from Firebox.com »

Time to brush up on curving the cue ball. Here are a few observations about bananas and pool and Banana Pool Tables:...

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Brodmann Blades Ping Pong Paddles

$54.02 from Amazon »

These make a lot of sense actually. The paddle essentially becomes your hand giving you much finer control over each forehand slam and backhand slice. Great for beginners and experts alike....

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Pool Ball Rings

$160 from Supermarket »

For 8-ball macs, pool hall hustlers, and billiards champ groupies (uh, the three of you who exist). Eleanor Salazar carves each of her rings from a real pool ball in right-angle or rounded form. No two are identical...

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Portable Ping Pong Set

$40 from Amazon »

Obviously, this will be used for beer pong, but no matter whether it's used for its intended use, or to get girls drunk enough to sleep with your ugly face, this is a pretty genius idea. I can't tell you how many times...