Posted: April 04, 2013
$13.12 - $29.95
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Cleated feet rejoice. Cleatskins eliminate the need to take your shoes off or get yelled at for clacking and scratching the hardwood floor every time you leave the field, track, or pedal. Also, they deliver traction that guards against potentially injurious and definitely humiliating trips and falls on non-cleat-friendly surfaces. Also, they protect the cleats themselves, which probably are not cheap seeing as they are intended for high-performance sports and nothing pertaining to those is ever cheap anymore except their players' shots. Here's a whole reel of such shots for your viewing pleasure.

Variously shaped Cleatskins support shoes for sports including soccer, football, rugby, baseball, lacrosse, track, golf, and cycling. Not that the latter is so much a sport as it is a cover for male anorexia, but cyclists do like their frilly gear and undoubtedly could use a set of Cleatskins to help keep it shiny. Cleatskins also makes models for wrestling and basketball shoes for no apparent reason, except maybe so their athletes don't feel left out of the shoe condom club.

SKINTEK rubber serves as the basis for Cleatskin construction. The material is a flexible mold of compressed rubber that slips easily over cleats.

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