R2D2 Bodysuit

By: on October 03, 2013
  • R2D2 Bodysuit
  • R2D2 Bodysuit
  • R2D2 Bodysuit
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The march towards October 31st continues. The night of ghouls in glowing eyes and dripping blood, and girls in latex and 5" thigh-high boots. Of bodies dead and decaying, and bodies half naked, well-endowed, and making me very glad I went with my extra long Connor Kenway coat instead of my American Horror Story Rubber Man suit this year. Fitting in seamlessly with this spirit of Halloween: Shhh Couture's latex R2D2 bodysuit.

Girls with a geeky edge and rockin' bodies will feel most comfortable in the very small and very tight nod to everyone's favorite droid. Bodysuits come with matching gauntlets and gain their R2D2-ness from appliques sewn to the all-white front. Default strap design is a halter neck, but the made-to-order pieces can also be sewn with double straps.

Shhh Couture is also responsible for the Stormtrooper latex we previously drooled over, and I think it would be a grand idea for a group of ladies to blast the Force through their Halloween party this year with a couple in these R2D2 and trooper suits, one as the obligatory slave Leia, and the rest filled out in some second skin Star Wars bodysuits.