Stormtrooper Latex

Posted: March 06, 2013
Stormtrooper Latex
$175 - $795
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Latex Star Wars Stormtrooper attire comes in a variety of cuts and styles so that all body types can find one that's suitable and flattering. And if you buy that I've also got an instant, no-fail national economic recovery plan to sell you.

Girls rated an 8 or higher by 9 out of 10 men* may choose from one of the following Shoshanni Ani latex Stormtrooper designs: 3/4 sleeve minidress (Dude rating: A+); full-body catsuit (Dude rating: A+); bodysuit romper (Dude rating: A+); 3/4 sleeve half-shirt and hot pants (Dude rating: A+[insert infinity symbol]); and bikini lingerie set (Dude rating: A-. Automatic downgrade for implied placement underneath clothes). All creations are custom made according to client measurements and guaranteed to grant a husband/job/diamonds/babies/perfect hair/ageless skin/whatever the hell it is women want these days to whomever wears them. So definitely worth the investment.

Also, not that anyone would ever want to defile a Star Wars by doing so, but Ani can also construct her latex jawdroppers in color combinations other than the pictured matte black and high-gloss off-white.

*Ladies, if you're not sure of your hotness number, just ask us, we'll tell you. Not in person or over the phone, but definitely via email or text message from a safe distance away.

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