Kama Pootra: 52 Mind-Blowing Ways to Poop

By: on November 29, 2013
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Both the best and the worst part about the Kama Pootra is that many of its 52 Mind-Blowing Ways to Poop turn a visit to the crapper into a group activity. I mean, on the one hand, who couldn't use a little help pinching one off every now and then? Particularly the morning after a starchy, colon-clogging meal of, say, 1.2 pounds of turkey floating in a mote of mashed potatoes and gravy, all cordoned off by a 6" wall of stuffing, and punctuated by a couple slices...quarters...of pumpkin and pecan pies. Look at The Cheerleader. Or The Wheelbarrow. Now that's the kind of significant other moral support, the kind of love in sickness and in health that I'm talking about!

But on the other hand, I've always kind of valued poo time as Me Time. Sure, the shitter is a place to shit (...unless the shitter's full...) but it's also a place to reflect. To decompress. To nearly pop a blood vessel in your forehead and rip your own self a new one while forcing out that last log of brownified Domino's pizza your excretory system did not make good on delivering in 30 minutes or less.

Daniel Cole Young's Kama Pootra: 52 Mind-Blowing Ways to Poop invites frequenters of the porcelain pot to seek self-enlightenment in the bathroom with its progressive squatting...and standing...and contorting...positions for dropping a deuce. Your journey to the Nirvana of bodily waste awaits.

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Kama Sutra Chocolates (NSFW)


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Piqapoo Self-Collecting Poop Bag

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On the one hand, clipping a Piqapoo self-collecting poop bag to your dog's butt exceeds injury cone and Chia Pet costume levels of shaming him. But on the other hand, you've spent the last X years following him around...

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The Shit Box

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