Christmas Vacation Cousin Eddie Hat

Posted: November 21, 2012
Christmas Vacation Cousin Eddie Hat
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What can I say, the shitter was full. Fans of A Christmas Story and the craptastic It's a Wonderful Life may flog me, but I stand by the following statement: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is the best holiday movie ever. And bit by bit, I plan to own every memorable prop and piece of clothing contained within it, from the moose mug to Clark's Blackhawks Jersey to Cousin Eddie's trooper hat to a live, rabid squirrel. Currently, I am on the hat.

How convenient, then, that a company called Christmas Vacation Collectibles both exists and is selling Cousin Eddie's faux furred and flapped headpiece on the World Wide Web. It's gonna look so good with my black socks and petite white bathrobe on Christmas morning.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Don't forget the sprinkling of Yuban on your mashed potatoes!

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