In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Posted: January 23, 2018
In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Who knew The New York Times has chronicled the Star Wars saga as hard as the rest of us fanboys and girls out here? The only difference, as you might notice in their In a Galaxy Far, Far Away coffee table book, is that the Times' coverage is a little more journalistic than, say, my review of the Return of the Jedi Wall Clock, and slightly better written than my short story on a Chewbacca-Leia love affair (will spare you a link to that one.)

Also, while I'd expect that The New York Times has covered Star Wars at length over the years - how could they not when it's been relevant to and revered by every generation alive since it came out? - I am surprised such an esteemed publication succumbed to making a quick buck off Star Wars' popularity by compiling this collection of their reviews, news articles, graphics, photos, obituaries, and behind-the-scenes exclusives on the franchise.

Ha, just kidding. Why wouldn't they? I'm sure The New York Times needs a lot more ways to stay in the printing business these days than just selling hard copies of newspapers. In fact, I just noticed they sell a ton of stuff other than the Times itself online now (and maybe they have for years). A whole series of history, culture, and travel books in addition to In a Galaxy Far, Far Away, your obvious mug / pin / shirt / hat collections, framed art, and of course, gift-ready front page reprints of the newspaper from your choice of 57,500 dates since 1851. A little more unusual, you can also sign up for Times Travel and go on curated, culture-dense trips with The New York Times, or join the Times Wine Club and let them ship you your liquid escape from the reality of all their depressing articles.

Back on topic, the In a Galaxy Far, Far Away anthology includes over 85 reprinted Times pages from the 70s through 2017's Star Wars: The Last Jedi. One highlight is a nifty interview reporter Judy Klemesrud did with George Lucas in 1973. Here's a quote: "George is currently working on another science fiction screenplay, 'The Star Wars,' which he describes as a 'real gee whiz movie' in the Flash Gordon-Buck Rogers tradition."

Each In a Galaxy Far, Far Away book also comes with a 2.5" x 7.5" magnifier and a certificate of authenticity.

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