Star Wars Return of the Jedi Wall Clock

Posted: August 23, 2017
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Wall Clock
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The only thing missing from this Return of the Jedi wall clock is an R2-D2 head that pops out on the hour to go, Bee-boo-boop-coo-koo! Otherwise, it's all there. Electroluminescent lightsabers and LED glow from within: check. Star Wars theme song fired up for a full 45 seconds every time the long hand hits the 12: check. Tackiest, most obnoxious, yet also most awesome and beloved gift you could give a man: Cheee-eck!

The Bradford Exchange produced what they call the Star Wars: Sith Vs. Jedi wall clock as a collector's piece for all whose love of Sides Dark and Light far outweighs their love of good taste. And also maybe for kids, who aren't so stuck up about style and aesthetics yet. The cuckoo-style clock showcases the iconic lightsaber duel between sculptural Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker figures, with a button 'round back you can flick to ignite their red and green blades. The Emperor watching on glows blue.

And, yes, the clock indeed plays the Star Wars theme song for three quarters of a minute every hour, or on your command. Additional details rounding out the Sith Vs. Jedi splendor are a Millennium Falcon clock topper and a hybrid Imperial-Alliance insignia and lightsaber hilts taking over the pendulum and weights. Oh, and the whole Return of the Jedi clock has been shaped to resemble the hull of an Imperial Star Destroyer.

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