An Anthology of Erotic Pokemon Go Stories

Posted: December 26, 2016
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It's hard not to fall into daydreams of bondage and public groping when someone mentions Pokemon Go. Jason Miller, having lost one too many Ivysaurs and Wartortles to visions of dominating them with more than just his smartphone, has compiled To Be a Master: An Anthology of Erotic Pokemon Go Stories so we can all get our Poke-poking fantasies on without disrupting actual gameplay.

In the vein of the Star Wars Kama Sutra, To Be a Master is a total parody, completely unauthorized, and wholly inappropriate for the whole family. Miller begs you to buy the book of steamy BDSM tales and professors "training nubile young students" for no one but your own perverted self. And maybe that girl you met through PokeDates a few days ago who you're pretty sure is into anal.

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