Top 10 Halloween Costumes

By: on October 14, 2012
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Dude on the Flip Side
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Baby Abercrombie Model
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Sexy Straitjacket
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Cruella de Vil
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Sheep Shagger
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Assassin's Creed Sentinel
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Teen Wolf Dog
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Pop Art Girl
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Daenerys Targaryen
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Daenerys Targaryen
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Garfield
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes
  • Top 10 Halloween Costumes

Top 10 Halloween Costumes of All-Time

HONORABLE MENTION. Sad Bunny. I guess this one is only effective if you have a depressed baby. In which case, good luck the other 364 days of the year.

10. Dalek from Dr. Who. Look at all these ways you can look like an evil robot! Some of them canned and ready-to-wear, some expertly crafted using thread and fabric and golden goose eggs, all sci-fi geekerific to their very core. And if you're too cool to dress up this Halloween, pay homage to Dalek with your lung capacity and one of these.

9. Dude on the Flip Side. I don't know who or what this guy is supposed to be, but damn, that's commitment to a costume. If he can walk blind and backwards, he will have officially conquered Computer Vision.

8. Baby Abercrombie Model. Adults love irony, and kids love putting bags over their heads. An Asian toddler with a shredded Abercrombie pectoral muscle group and six-pack, courtesy of one of the store's shopping bags, scores points from every angle. Including the one that is the kid's willingness to trust his parents implicitly, flexing for the camera just because they told him to, with no concern for the ways in which they will likely use it to blackmail him during his teen angst years.

7. Sexy Straitjacket Costume. The pinnacle of Sexy [Fill in the Blank] Costumes, and a fun way to perpetuate the stereotype that all hot chicks are crazy. Why be a Sexy Nurse or a Sexy Cop or even a Sexy Psychiatrist this year when you can be a Sexy Wackjob? Hey, here's a video of a probably mentally unstable lady modeling it.

6. Cruella de Vil...in Latex. OK, I know I'm pulling a Presidential candidate and talking out of both sides of my mouth when I make fun of Sexy costumes in #7, and hail them as hot buttered hotness in #6. But see, #6 incorporates latex. And also manages to be sexy, seductive, wicked, and showstopping whilst retaining a modicum of class. As a bonus, unlike most of these snapshots of costumes provided by the good people of the Internet, Latex Cruella de Vil is actually available as an $850 purchase from Latex Fashion's Etsy shop.

5. Sheep Shagger. Have you heard the one about McReady the boat builder?

4. Assassin's Creed Sentinel Costume. Gamers, it doesn't get more Now than this. The latest installment of Assassin's Creed is due out October 30, so there's no Halloween like Halloween 2012 to rock the Sentinel. It actually looks pretty comfortable and come hither, plus like it could be assembled fairly easily at home with some Wal-Mart pajama pants and a couple of tablecloths. Those seeking a more tailored Assassin's Creed fashion statement should check out the Kenway Jacket.

3. Teen Wolf Pug. I don't care much for these wheezing, snot-rocketing dogs, so the more their owners can do to make them look like complete assholes, the better. This certainly does the trick.

2. Pop Art Girl As cool as a cinemagraph, but living, breathing, touchable...and able to knock you upside the head when you do. Best of all, Pop Art Girl tutorials are available all over the You Tube, so even if it seems this feat of All Hallow's Eve is out of your reach, cast that line towards polka dotted badassery anyway, and you may come up with the Big (Buxom) One.

1. Daenerys Targaryen. Congratulations, Khaleesi, you win Halloween. I need more thumbs to put up for this one, if for no other reason than the striking, night-making resemblance the girl wearing the costume has to the Mother of Dragons herself. Read and stare at more pictures and watch 12 minutes of video all about how Nadine Sykora created the threads here. Warning: You might come away liking her even more than Dany.

HALL OF FAME SHOUTOUT. Garfield. Winner of a Best Garfield Costume contest a few years back. Winner of my heart forevermore. Pulling this off takes as big of a set of balls as it does of boobs. Nicely done, young lady. And young lady's plastic surgeon.

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