Sexy Straitjacket Costume

Posted: October 12, 2012
Sexy Straitjacket Costume
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Ahhh, a Sexy Straitjacket Costume. The pinnacle of Sexy WTF Costumes--narrowly beating out the Sexy Hamburger--and a fun way to perpetuate the stereotype that all hot chicks are crazy. Why be a Sexy Nurse or a Sexy Cop or even a Sexy Psychiatrist this year when you can be a Sexy Wackjob? Hey, they even have a video of a probably mentally unstable lady modeling it!

Yandy would like the world to know that the Sexy Straitjacket Costume is a limited edition masterpiece found only at Yandy.com. Does that not go without saying? Because, uh, who the hell else would make a Sexy Straitjacket Costume? The dress is a stretch polyester, two-way asymmetrical zip front getup with vinyl buckles for securing appendages prone to hair pulling and bitch slapping. Sizes run S to XL.

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