Rotofarm Compact Anti-Gravity Kitchen Farm

Posted: September 17, 2019
Rotofarm Compact Anti-Gravity Kitchen Farm
$683 - $785
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You'll need to harvest - and eat - a lot of herbs and lettuce before the Rotofarm pays for itself, but this soil-free vegetable garden for your kitchen has more to offer than just its bounty. Designed as a circular farmbed with a black backing and brilliant grow light center, the Rotofarm is as much a piece of art as it is food producer. And combined with the cultivator's small, 11.8" footprint and rapid-growth technology, even at a crowdfunding rate of plus or minus $700, this might be the garden all you Mary, Mary Quite Contrarys out there have been waiting for.

The Rotofarm has a 5' growing area around its wheel of life. Plants are nourished hydroponically, via a water and nutrient reservoir in the base that feeds into the farmbed, which moves just like the ferris wheel it resembles, 360 degrees every hour. This both gives seeds / plants equal access to the food, plus expedites their growth process by allowing them to spend half the time upside down. Apparently (well, according to Rotofarm maker Bace) negativity gravity has a flourishing effect on produce, and its usage here was inspired by space shuttle technology.

Growing your delicate vegetables indoors is also generally beneficial in the sense that you can protect them from wind damage, fungus, insects, sunburn, and water loss. Once your harvest is in, it's also a lot more accessible.

Herbs and lettuces recommended for Rotofarm growth include parsley, cilantro, mint, wheatgrass, chives, arugula, kale, spinach, and leaf lettuce. You can learn more about the Rotofarm, and pledge for one of your own here in IndieGoGo through October 4, 2019.

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