Plant-House Houseplant Treehouse

Posted: March 09, 2023
Plant-House Houseplant Treehouse
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You're killing me, Amazing Plant-House! A DIY houseplant treehouse kit might be the one gift my wife, my mama, and myself all want equally, and equally real bad. It's unique and clever for my wife. It's precious for my mama. And it's a hands-on project - but a very simple hands-on project I won't F up - for me. Cue the flame emojis, dudes, because the Plant-House is pure fire.

But on that note, please keep candles and incense away from your little plant-mounted abode, because it's made of balsa wood.

Fully built, the Plant-House measures 9.3 cm long x 9.3 cm wide x 8.5 cm tall. Maker and Amazing Plant-House Etsy shop owner, Maarten, says it's also "super-duper lightweight," so it can nestle into the branches and fronds of a wide variety of plants without breaking them.

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