Concrete Island Modern Planter

Posted: December 30, 2021
Concrete Island Modern Planter
$125 - $175
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I've heard of concrete jungles, but these modern planters are the first concrete islands I've seen. And unlike the cold, soulless jungles, Bella Vista Canyon's Concrete Islands are brimming with life - succulent life! - and a minimalist beauty reflective of mid-century modern design.

Made from a custom concrete mix, the planters are designed to be ultra-strong without being ultra-heavy; they average 7 pounds. At printing, Bella Vista Canyon had 2 designs available in their shop: a standard Island Planter at 21" long x 7" wide x 4" tall; and a Twin Island Planter, with the same width and height dimensions, but 28" long.

Concrete Island Modern Planters do not arrive with any plants, so you'll have the opportunity to, or the unfortunate chore of, populating them yourself. Succulents and cacti, pebbles and sand, maybe even some LEGO minifigs or glass spiders, will all bring visual interest to these islands, and make them the least depressing hunks of concrete in the land.

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