Posted: June 16, 2020
Check It Out

Seeing the TERRACOCK'n'BALLS Planter got me thinking there has to be a viable use out there for the term "cactus cock." Luckily, I didn't spend too much time crafting one before I thought to Google it to see if someone else already had the same thought. And what did I find?

Well, call me prick-ly and plant me in some terracotta testicles, they did! But really, does any word or term not already exist in Urban Dictionary? According to the slang Bible, "cactus cock" is "a medical condition in males that stems from shaving the genitals, resulting in pubic hairs, in the early stages of their growth, to be prickly, itchy, and short, resembling the prickers on a cactus."

I think Unstandard Deviation Etsy shop owner Brooke DaSilva should submit a photo of her TERRACOCK'n'BALLS Planter as an entry for definition #2.

While seemingly not well endowed at 3" tall x 4" wide, remember those dimensions represent the terracotta pot (i.e., the balls) only. You're responsible for supplying the cactus, or other phallic plant, and can therefore choose how long, strong, and porn star to make your personal TERRACOCK'n'BALLS.

In addition to a hilarious gag or novelty gift, the TERRACOCK'n'BALLS Planter would also make an exceptional gift for Mom.

Just kidding.

I mean, or not. Maybe plants and penises are your mom's faves.

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