terraplanter Inside-Out Hydroponic Planter

Posted: August 23, 2020
terraplanter Inside-Out Hydroponic Planter
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The terraplanter is a low maintenance inside-out hydroponic planter for outside-in plant growing. The honeycombed cone has a hollow core for holding water, and is made from a proprietary ceramic material just porous enough to let that water slowly seep through it. Awaiting plant roots, now growing on the exterior of their "pot", are then able to absorb their fill of water, achieving hydration without sacrificing aeration, or risking rot-inducing saturation.

Soil quality and characteristics aren't an issue with the terraplanter because it doesn't use any. The last bit of dirt on this inside-out planter is that there is none.

The terraplanter's shape and micro-textured exterior surface are able to hold seeds while they sprout, and then provide grip for plant roots as they grow and seek access to the water inside. The terraplanter can accommodate dozens of different types of plants, with 4 ways to grow them: 1) Rub spores on the ceramic surface; 2) Wrap a climbing plant around it; 3) Use rubber bands to mount plant roots; and 4) Cover it with your choice of seeds.

At printing the terraplanter was available for preorder here on IndieGoGo.

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