TerraLiving Preserved Moss Terrariums

Posted: May 28, 2021
TerraLiving Preserved Moss Terrariums

Do you like plants? Do you kill plants? If you answered yes to both, TerraLiving's Preserved Moss Terrariums are for you! Creative in conception, stunning in design, and absent of still-aliveness, these moss displays will bring the lushness of a rainforest - or the regrowth of a post-apocalyptic world, or the cultivation of another planet - to the desktops of thumbs green and black alike.

TerraLiving harvests real moss plants from their Malaysian greenhouse, but then treats them in a lab with a preservation process that allows them to exist maintenance- and fog-free indefinitely. Designs range from climbing and sprawling arrangements in modern geometric glass housings to moss walls and clumps growing up and through futuristic structures. All come protected inside display cases, and some include accent lighting to further highlight their mystery and allure.

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