The Big Face Woody Bamboo Watch

By: on January 23, 2013
$150 - $160
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The Big Face Woody. Is the name alone not reason enough to pledge our support of Oahu designer NFNT's bamboo watch? I wonder how many people inadvertently stumble across this eco-friendly wooden timepiece during Google searches for...other aesthetically pleasing things to look at online. The Big Face Woody must have more than quirky innuendo going for it, though, because just a few days into its run on Kickstarter, NFNT has more than doubled the watch's $11,000 funding goal.

My speculation (i.e., regurgitation of product copy with a sprinkling of personal flourish and wit) as to why:

  • Woody is kind to the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees. Especially the trees. "Eco-friendly" wood watches are widely available these days, but most are made of oak or other hardwoods that take around 30 years to regrow. The Big Face bamboo medium needs only 3 years to replenish itself, and does so naturally--no replanting necessary.
  • Bamboo enjoys an unmatched durability in the hardwood family, so the Woody won't shrink (good news!) or swell (bad news!) over time.
  • Bamboo is lightweight. Woody is light enough to make wrists forget they're even wearing a watch, and definitely lighter than the 5-pound smartphone and case you're currently lugging around and hauling out of your pocket every time you need to check the time.
  • With its classy blonde grains and simple black clock face, when people ask you the time they will, for once, be grateful your response entails showing them your.... When the fruit hangs so low, my friends, sometimes we must grab it. Sometimes, we just must.

The Big Face Woody campaign continues through February 20, 2013, at which point backers at the $65 and $75 levels (the former a limited early bird offer) can expect updates on their watch's anticipated May 2013 delivery date. Those interested in chatting with NFNT founder Ryan Chaffin can pledge $150 to receive both the bamboo wonder and a scheduled phone call. For $500, NFNT will reward one loyal supporter with the original Woody prototype, plus a second piece for double-wrist, or single-wrist-double-Woody, action.

November 2013 Update: The Big Face Woody far exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is now available for direct purchase through the company's website--follow the link below.

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