Honomobo Shipping Container Homes

By: on May 24, 2017
$21,875 - $179,725
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Plat of land, plop down a Honomobo. It's what I keep telling my girlfriend when we talk about trading in her condo for a house. See, like the Simpsons, we live in Springfield, and home prices are ludicrous right now. One - even a pretty crappy one - will come on the market, and 3 days later the "Sold" sign is up, with county assessor's records showing it went for $50K over asking price.

But I figure if we want to escape the shared walls and monthly dues, all we need to do is get some homeowner with 4-foot-tall grass and dandelions all over their yard to sell a little plat of it to us - really little; we don't want to take care of a yard any more than they do - so we can plop down one of these container homes on it for a fraction of the price of buying an old or building a new house.

I know what you're thinking, but I disagree: these containers are more than sheds, and more than rustic weekend cabins. Honomobo says point blank, "Honomobo is a home." You can use one of their 6 models as a mother-in-law apartment out back or above the garage, an out-of-town getaway, or a detached office, sure, but you can also install one to straight up live in. Either as a 240-square-foot tiny house with H01, or a 1,216-square-foot 2-bedroom, 2-bath with H04.

Honomobos are built to local building codes, and the company says most banks will mortgage them. Typically installed on a permanent foundation, the container design and manufacture runs around 10 weeks off-site, during which time the company also coordinates with your local contractor to ensure your permits and property are ready. At delivery, Honomobo assembles the modular containers, rendering them move-in ready within a week.

Additional Honomobo features include:

  • Corrugated steel with marine-grade enamel finish construction.
  • R25 spray-foam wall insulation, R40 in the roof.
  • 8'4" drywall interior ceiling.
  • Movable. Keep one in the same spot for 8 years, and then take it with you when you retire to Zihuatanejo.
  • Stackable. Install a Honomobo on top of a garage, carport, or another Honomobo.
  • Solar ready, so you can outfit your container to be Net Positive annually. Comes with an Air Source heat pump (18,000 btu cooling, 21,600 btu heating) and 50-gallon hot water tank.
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