TI:ME Slipper Sneakers

By: on April 24, 2014
$70 - $130
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Total comfort and relaxation without looking like a hobbit. This is the objective of TI:ME slippers. Though I would contend that the Kickstarter project's soft-soled, plush-lined, yoga-matted, walking-on-Air Jordans go one step beyond saving me from the hobbit foot aesthetic: the high-performance slipper sneakers will pretty much hide all indications that I'm wearing slippers at all. I'll look...normal. You know, like every other average dude who can't consistently hit a jumper or run up an down the court more than 4 times without feeling lightheaded, but who still thinks he's LeBron from the ankles down.

Available in Low, Mid, and Hi styles, all TI:ME slipper sneakers carry the same fundamental attributes of pedal pleasure:

  • Rubber Compound Soles. TI:ME slipper creator Ryan Dougherty wanted to find something similar to phylon, a material sneaker companies such as Nike often incorporate into their midsoles, that was sturdy yet flexible, and provided a solid foundation of cushioning. TI:ME has altered the phylon rubber compound to create a unique sole intended to custom balance flex and strength.
  • Genuine Leather Uppers. Maybe this will shed some light for those balking at the slippers' costs. (Note too that they can be worn outside and throughout your day as you would standard sneakers.)
  • Elastic Laces. The classic look remains, but their rigidity has been replaced with 7mm cords of elastic that enable slipper uppers to open wide during access, and keep the laces flexible while walking.
  • Yoga Mat Cushioning. Since yoga mats are designed to maximize comfort while contorting on hard floors for 60 to 120 minutes of utter misery, TI:ME figured they'd serve pretty well as slipper inserts too. Each sneaker is padded with low-volume, high-durability ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).
  • Plush Lining. A low volume of poly-cotton blend promotes warmth and cloud-like coziness without smothering feet, plus wicks moisture in a further effort to keep them dry.

Low and Mid TI:ME models have wide open backs for slip-on access, and the Low also has a suede heel that is durable enough to handle daily foot mileage. Pledge for the slipper sneaker style of your choosing on Kickstarter through May 14, 2014.

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