ReflecToes High Reflective Socks

Posted: November 06, 2019
ReflecToes High Reflective Socks
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What's my superpower? Casting thousands of directionally-orientated spherical mirrors from my ankles! ... With some help from my socks. ReflecToes are high reflective socks designed with runners and cyclists in mind, but appropriate as foot coverage for anyone who wants to stay safe - or flashy! - outdoors to the tune of 10 to 50 times more reflectivity than reflective yarns.

In my estimate, that's the approximate equivalent of an iPhone flash to the eye every time a car's headlights, or other beaming source, hits your ReflecToes socks. And if that's not enough Look at me! for you, ReflecToes also come in highlighter green.

In addition to keeping you safe, ReflecToes socks also endeavor to keep you dry and comfortable, made from moisture-wicking yarn and designed with mesh vent uppers and arch support.

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