NakeFit Stick-On Shoes

By: on June 13, 2017
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NakeFit stick-on shoes - or, to be more precise, NakeFit hypoallergenic adhesive pads - remind me of when I'm walking barefoot and start to feel like something's stuck to my heel, but I'm loath to look down because I just know it's going to be someone's dirty old Band-Aid. Except with NakeFits the thing stuck to my foot would be supposed to be there. It would also be helping to protect me from the dirty old Band-Aids in my path, along with any sharp objects and fungal infections looking to latch on to my feet too.

Designed, like all fine shoes, in Italy, NakeFit adhesive pads look like a cross between an insole and a tray of paint you accidentally stepped in. According to the team that created them, the barefoot enablers stick on and peel off your foot easily (here's a GIF), and stay firmly in place, ready to provide a bevy of services during your wear time in between. Slip into a pair of NakeFits:

  • On the street. They are cut- and abrasion-resistant on paving for the barefoot runners and walkers out there.
  • On the rocks. The trail and mountain rocks, not the ones in your glass. Though since NakeFits are anti-slip and appropriate for any "soil" if you primal-abiding dudes want to wear them to shovel snow and chip ice next winter, I guess go ahead.
  • In the sand. Your feet might freeze wearing NakeFits when it's too cold, but the pads will protect the bottoms from burning when worn on hot sand.
  • At the pool. And in the pool. NakeFits are waterproof. For kids who ignore the "No Running" signs, they'll also help cut down on slips, plus help protect feet from warts and verrucas.
  • Around the spa. No flip-flopping (or flip-slipping on wet tile) required.
  • June 15, 2017 Update: Dude reader Amanda H. also wrote to suggest people in hospital environments or the elderly at home could use NakeFits to help reduce the risk of falling, pointing out, "This innovative idea is not just for the beach."

NakeFits come in men's, women's, and kid's sizes, and a few different color choices. All are available here on Kickstarter through July 7, 2017.

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