Lock Laces - Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces

By: on December 04, 2014
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One time when I was a kid I was at the mall with my mama rocking a pair of K-Swiss and one of my shoelaces came untied shortly before we got onto the down escalator. The ride itself went fine, but when I stepped off at the bottom, the conveyor system sucked up my shoelace! and yanked me back into its revolving death grip. Other people were still coming down, trying to get off, the escalator was trying to eat me alive, I was flailing and yelling, Mama, Mama!--it was a nightmare. Finally, my mama grabbed my foot and pulled off my shoe to release me. She then fought with the serrated barcode beast herself, yanking and swearing and refusing to back down until it released my shoelace. She prevailed. Then we got ice cream.

That day taught me two things: 1) Always be afraid of down escalators; and 2) Always, always double knot your shoelaces. Number 2 is a huge pain. Double the pain of tying them to begin with, in fact. I like these Lock Laces as an alternative. An elastic weave-and-fasten system, Lock Laces were designed to keep your shoelaces tidy and secure.

Obviously, Lock Laces won't come untied in the middle of a race, game, or workout. Or ever. They also make the laborious process of entering and exiting shoes quite a bit easier. And according to their makers, the laces have been engineered for increased comfort and performance, as they reduce typical shoe pressure points and eliminate heel crushing.

Lock Laces come in nearly a dozen different colors, and have been very positively received by over 5,000 Amazon reviewers.

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Waterproof Socks

Sold Out from Amazon »

Showers Pass made these waterproof socks to keep athletes' and other F the rain weather warriors' feet dry when they run, hike, and bike in anything from light drizzles to torrential downpours....

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DrySteppers - Raincoats for Your Sneakers

$19.99 from DrySteppers »

DrySteppers slip over your sneakers like a cozy shoe raincoat when the only thing worse than when you ask your mama for Adidas and she buys you Zips happens: you buy your own damn Adidas Zebra V2s, and then an angry summer...

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QuickShoeLace One-Handed Laces

$15 from QuickShoeLace »

Look, Ma! One hand! The QuickShoeLace one-handed lacing system brings convenience to adults, and an alternative to Velcro straps that will inevitably get gunked up with dust and food and boogers to kids who can't tie...

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Nike Shoebox Safe

Swoosh your stash so sticky fingers won't swipe it. Except...bummer. The Mandem Safe, a keyed crypt for your valuables that looks like a Nike shoebox, is still just a prototype. So even harder to get right now than a...

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Strip-Straps - Ankle Straps for Flip-Flops

$12 from Strip-Straps »

Name that sound: Smack, smack, smack...hrrghh! It's your flip-flops flip-flopping along a trail, boat deck, or sidewalk. And then it's your flip-flops catching an edge and slipping off your foot while you grunt out an...

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CAT Composite Toe Work Sneakers

$79.95 - $154.95 from Amazon »

They might look like standard athletic shoes, but trust me, the Streamline Sneakers are some real CAT kickers. Their low-profile, everyday sneak style is a shroud of illusion, there to ensure family and friends don't...

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TacLace Rapid Boot Lacing System

Sold Out from Amazon »

Pull, cinch, and wrap. If your feet spend a lot of time in boots, and your hands too much time twisting and tying and double knotting, TacLaces could be the accessory you never knew you always needed....

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PF Flyers Made in USA Sandlot Edition

$149.99 from PF Flyers »

I'm pretty sure PF Flyers released an official pair of Sandlot Center Hi's a few years ago to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Benny's hopping over that fence to pickle The Beast. But now they have another batch, the...

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Astral Brewer Sneakers

$90 - $115 from Amazon »

Sneaks and flip-flops: my life for the next 3 months. I love summer. Especially this part of it, the very beginning leading up to the Solstice. It's sunny. It's warm. It's light at 5 a.m. It's light at 9 p.m. And everyone's...

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Rhino Unbreakable Shoelaces

$19.95 from Amazon »

Rhino Laces are guaranteed to be unbreakable, fireproof, and slashproof. By both the people who make them and the people who wear them--who happen to be one in the same. A group of wildland firefighters, tired of the...

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RattlerStrap Flint Laces

$13.95 from Amazon »

RattlerStrap previously designed their Venom paracord belt in honor of a Dude reader giveaway. Just for us. So obviously we like them. A lot. But while I have no problem being completely biased about the products I discuss...

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Tricera Hi-Tops


Archaix Laboratories makes a big claim. According to the Brooklyn-based company, they have "finally found a solution to the problem that has plagued modern society: the lack of wearable dinosaurs." And appropriately...