Kkika Rotating Acupressure Slippers

By: on July 10, 2016
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No pain, no gain, right? More precisely, in the world of acupressure and Kkika's Rotating Acupressure Slippers, it's no pain, no relief of pain.

A traditional Chinese medicine practice, acupressure subscribes to the theory of life energy and meridians that run through the human body, intersecting various muscles and organs in their path. When the meridians get blocked and the energy flow disrupted, it manifests as pain or other physical symptoms. Acupuncture and acupressure attempt to unblock the backup and alleviate the symptoms with needles or pressure applied to appropriate points along the meridians. The feet, being the end points of several meridian lines, are especially ripe with pressure points. You can see a diagram of them in the image gallery above.

The Rotating Acupressure Slippers are designed to take the place of needles, fingers, and elbows in the treatment of meridian line blockage in the feet. Kkika says wearing the slippers provides a deep foot massage that is good for circulation, and can help reduce pain associated with leg cramps, arthritis, back pain, and headaches. They also say wearing the slippers hurts like a mother. Nearly 100% of firsthand reviewers agree.

But Kkika stresses you need to start out slowly to get used to the shoes, working from a couple minutes up to 10 minutes a session. The note the level of discomfort you feel initially is typically directly proportional to how much you need the treatment. Once your feet acclimate to 10+ minutes of wear, your should be able to wear the slippers for hours. About 79% of Amazon reviewers agree. For the rest, the break-in period was just too much.

Those who were able to get past the initial discomfort report relief from various aches and pains, as well as stress and tired feet. Eventually, they say, the Rotating Acupressure Slippers just feel like a walking foot massage.

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