Headlight Flip Flops

Posted: September 11, 2012
Foot Lamp Flip Flops
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Though slippers with headlights fall more into the novelty category, flip flops with headlights may actually be one of the more useful footwear innovations. Not quite up there with Marty McFly Nikes, but certainly superior to wearable dust mops. Teva's Illum 2 sandals, available in flavors Men's and Women's, endeavor to preclude stubbed toes, rolled ankles, and the dreaded black blood toenail during after-dark ambulations.

Illum 2's headlight, which Teva terms Glow from Below, is a slimmed down upgrade from the original model's, which was somewhat bulky and intrusive to use. The LED "Pedlamp", whose on/off function is wearer-controlled, burns a bright path to the restroom, along hiking trails, and down streets traversed during drunken stumbles home, but is largely unnoticeable during daylight hours when not in use. Lights are also waterproof and detachable.

Muchas danke to Shawn U. for the product suggestion.

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