Dualyz Summer Slipper Shoe with Removable Sole

Posted: June 30, 2018
Dualyz Summer Slipper Shoe with Removable Sole
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Dualyz invites all dudes and ladies to take their bottoms off. Nah, not because they want to start an orgy. Because they make unisex slipper shoes, sneaker-style footwear with removable soles for protective traipsing outdoors, and comfortable, crud-free traversing inside.

Special for summer are Dualyz's Fit Breezy slipper shoes, a more breathable style of their winter wool lace-ups. Fit Breezy uppers are made of mesh for ventilation in warmer weather, with footbeds lined with memory foam for cushion. Rubber outsoles, which Dualyz calls Ridges, snap on and off Fit Breezy shoes interchangeably, and you can purchase new sole colors separately along the way. A collapsible neoprene back on the slippers makes slipper-ing them on and off easier to do while standing, presumably without falling on your face.

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