Black Jack Boot Jack Boot Remover

Posted: February 24, 2018
Black Jack Boot Jack Boot Remover
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Using a boot jack to take your boots off isn't pure laziness. Not just anyway. Anyone who owns a pair of burly work boots, tall and narrow cowboy boots, or spaceman snow boots knows that removing them entails more than just bending over and pulling. And the ol' trick of using the ball of one foot to press at the heel of the other to slip off a pair of shoes...ha! Save that for the Adidas.

The Black Jack Boot Jack is made of a composite material and built tapered from the tip of a spade to extra-wide. This allows the take-off tool to accommodate all boot sizes, from kids' to big boys' biggest. To use, press the heel of a booted foot into the Black Jack's raised cutout, and use your free foot to stand on top of the flat panel behind it - front heel to back toe works best. With your body weight stabilizing the boot jack, and the boot jack stabilizing and providing leverage for your booted foot, you can lift up and pull your leg free in a single motion.

The Black Jack boot jack measures 14" long x 6" wide x 4" tall.

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