Argonaut Kevlar & Tyvek Paper Boot

Posted: October 07, 2014
Argonaut Kevlar & Tyvek Paper Boot
$118 - $128
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The Unbelievable Testing Laboratory began inspiring awe in people who wear shoes last year when they created this 5.3-ounce pair out of paper. They've since released a couple of additional styles, but their latest foray into ultralight footwear made of unexpected materials, the Argonaut, is UT Lab's first boot. It is also the first to incorporate Kevlar into its fabrication. The Argonaut is an all-weather boot made of Tyvek paper, Microfiber, EVA rubber, and Kevlar. It weighs around 14 ounces.

Argonaut boot insteps incorporate a nylon-composite form of Kevlar to create their water-resistant barrier without adding weight or bulk to UT Lab's trademark light-as-a-feather efforts. Tyvek paper high uppers also curb water infiltration while maintaing flexibility. A leather-grade microfiber and EVA rubber sole round out the bottom half of the boot.

Argonaut Kevlar & Tyvek paper boots seek Kickstarter crowdfunding through October 27, 2014.

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