USS Enterprise Ring

Posted: February 18, 2014
  • USS Enterprise Ring
  • USS Enterprise Ring
$795 - $3,890
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A USS Enterprise engagement ring is what happens when true love collides with the reluctant decision to propose to some chick. As a male with a basic appreciation for the Star Trek TV series and movies, plus a deep respect for William Shatner--albeit mostly for his Priceline work--I understand Trekkies' commitment to the galactic anthology. I also understand that when you've been with a girl for 5 years and she out of nowhere sets a ring-it-or-lose-it ultimatum, sometimes it's easier just to apply for a diamond loan than to risk the perils of singledom, such as figuring out what can go in the dryer and what needs to line dry, and never again receiving homemade rocky road fudge bars for your birthday. The bright side here is that if you're a Star Trek fanatic, at least you can attach something you truly love to something it would be fairly inconvenient to live without.

Paul Michael Design's USS Enterprise ring makes a statement just bold enough to honorably represent the Star Trek spirit without looking like some monstrosity I would have sculpted out of a clay-polymer compound and baked in the oven during elementary school art class. No, this finger-sized USS Enterprise has class. It also comes in a choice of different metals and stones for different fatnesses of wallet. Choices range from a sterling silver band with blue topaz and cubic zirconium gems, a white gold band with topaz and a white diamond galaxy, and a white gold band with color-enhanced blue diamonds and a white diamond galaxy.

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