Triforce Claddagh Ring

Posted: May 12, 2013
Triforce Claddagh Ring
$12 - $85
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I've never cared much for the word "Claddagh." It sounds like a combination of too many different scary female body parts and sexually transmitted diseases. But the rings themselves are alright if you're into, like, announcing your relationship status to the world on mediums other than Facebook. Me, I like to be mysterious. Keep the ladies guessing. I could make an exception, however, for this Legend of Zeldafication of the traditional Irish Claddagh ring, which is pretty much the epitome of rad, even if it does communicate either, "I am pathetic and alone," or "I am someone else's little bitch," depending on which way you wear it.

In a move that can best be described as awesome, the Zelda-inspired Claddagh ring replaces the OG version's schmoopy heart with a Triforce icon. Rings are 3D printed in a slew of materials and colors, ranging from strong & flexible plastic ($12--now that's my kind of budget for a promise ring!) to stainless steel ($24--still within the purview of my allowance, which my mama did reinstate, by the way) to premium silver ($85--uh, negative Ghost Rider).

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