Shark Ring

Posted: May 20, 2014
Shark Ring

The full name of the Dan's Magic Custom Jewelry shark ring is Huge Shark Ring. I'd like to add the word "ass" in there too. Huge Ass Shark Ring. Really. It sits about 3/4" off the finger and, due to its formidable girth and gaping grin, is available only in sizes 10 to 15. As a point of reference, I think ring size 15 is what the human Barbie requested for her waistline when she got a few of her ribs cut out.

Anyway, the Huge (Ass) Shark Ring is made of sterling silver and has black diamond eyes. I think they were white when set, but his blood thirst and epically dark soul turned them. Dan also points out that ring shark is a fighter, evidenced by the chunks he's had gnawed off his dorsal and pectoral fins.

Note: I know it's a little early for Shark Week--76 days to be exact--but I'm showing you this piece of beastly extravagence now so you have enough time to save your hundos and get your handmade, made-to-order order made in time to flaunt finger Jaws when the big event arrives.

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