Out for Blood Bracelet

Posted: September 11, 2012
Out for Blood Bracelet

Here's a little bloody something for Halloween. Or any day you're feeling morbid. And while at first I thought the Out for Blood bracelet was made from the cheap rubbery plastic stuff my sister used to melt into amoebic jewelry in the oven, it is actually a solid brass bangle coated in hemoglobin-hued enamel. School children looking for a free trip to the guidance counselor, may I suggest a duo of bloody bracelets for homeroom? Slightly mean-spirited progeny game for playing a trick on your aging mother, try combining one kitchen and one butcher's knife with one ring o' Out for Blood.

The red droplet wrist decor also has a complementary necklace and ring available for purchase. Bracelets on their own are just shy of $30, while bleeding trios are up for grabs at around $75. UK vendor That's Pretty states they offer free worldwide delivery.

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