Interlocking LEGO Rings

Posted: December 29, 2013
Interlocking LEGO Rings
$80 - $150
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In stark contrast to how I feel about bellybuttons, if I got one of Shannon Conrad's interlocking LEGO rings, I would much rather have an outie than an innie.

LEGO brick rings, sold both individually and in adorable, connectable pairs, are all hand-cast using the lost wax method. Coincidentally, I think that is also how Chinese women endeavored to avoid pregnancy during the Ming dynasty. Bet it works better for making jewelry than it does for not making babies. Conrad & Co. forge them from 100% recycled sterling silver, and kill many, many real live LEGOs during their fabrication. The process involves burning out a plastic brick for every ring. Or, as their artists say, "1 plastic brick = 1 silver brick." Murder in the name of fashion. Does it ever end?

And on that note, I'll take a pair of the square rings. I'm going to give the innie to my friend Cornelius as a symbol of our brotherhood. The brotherhood of him promising never to date a psychotic vegan who volunteers for cat charities ever again.

Interlocking LEGO brick rings absolutely interlock with one another, as well as with their inferior plastic counterparts. They are made to order in any size.

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