Fantasy Master Ring Knife

Posted: March 04, 2013
Fantasy Master Ring Knife
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Oh, I see what they did. Put a knife on the knight's helmet where the plume usually goes. So it looks less dashing and, er, girly and more likely to leave numerous scars on its wearer. No, I'm sorry, make that its Fantasy Master. No word on whether or not the ring's protruding blade is sharp, but...no way is it sharp. If it even had an edge any sharper than Taylor Swift's you couldn't go 30 seconds of functioning normally wearing without gouging an innocent bystander's arm or lethally clawing your girlfriend's cat. The latter of whom probably deserves it, the moody little bastard. No need to make a spectacle or draw blood to teach it a lesson, though. My grandma taught me a few things about handling other people's unruly animals, and they involve hamburger patties and rat poison, not Fantasy Master ring knives.

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