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Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2012

Doctor Who TARDIS Necklace

Doctor Who TARDIS Pendant
  • Doctor Who TARDIS Necklace
  • Doctor Who TARDIS Pendant

Time Machine Jewelry interprets TARDIS approaching the Untempered Schism in this steampunk-esque pendant hanging from a 20" chain. Stare into the hypnotizing movement and gears of its vintage silver and gold pocket watches, and get lost in the gap it tears into the fabric of reality. A miniature rhinestone star and sonic screwdriver, a watch crystal imprinted with the likeness of TARDIS, and the Gallifreyan symbol for "schism" complete the look. The Tenth Doctor Who has given the "TARDIS Approaches the Schism" necklace his Rassilon seal of approval, and recommends it for all Vortex travel.

Purchase Details: $28 from Etsy »
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