Diablo Health Orb Necklace

Posted: June 30, 2012
Diablo Health Orb Necklace

It's wearable life energy, courtesy of Stephanie Williams' Diablo Health Orb Necklaces. She stealthily scours the Arena, capturing slain monsters' unclaimed floating rewards, and then suspends them in silver plated pendants topped with glass. An insider's shout-out to the Diablo video game series, the Health Orb necklaces may also serve as real-life protective charms, catching the light with their marbled red matter, and mesmerizing personal nemeses and demonic pursuers long enough for their wearers either to sprint away, or find set position and deliver fertility-threatening roundhouse kicks to the balls.

Health Orb pendants measure 1 3/4", and are hung on a lobster-clasped, silver-plated chain that hangs 18".

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