Darth Vader Engagement Ring

Posted: April 20, 2017
Darth Vader Engagement Ring
$390 - $2,995
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Marry me and come to the Dark Side! Come on, ladies, even in you're not into Darth Vader or Star Wars, you gotta indulge any man who presents you with a Vader helmet engagement ring. If for no other reason than the license it will give you to go around wheezing, Luuuke! I am your stepmother! Come on, come awwwwn.

Sapphire Studios' Prevail Rings aren't pure geek either; check out the ornate roses that also adorn them. And the...uh, Princess Leia Armbands wrapping around each side, and the Rebel Alliance Starbird flanking the center stone. OK, maybe they are pure geek. But so sage with those built-in reminders that all marriages are a mix of Dark and Light (though mostly Dark if you ask the sage that is me.)

The Prevail Rings come in white and rose gold or sterling silver, with a choice of black rhodium or gold / silver Vader heads. You can also opt for various stone choices, including natural white diamonds, lab-grown white sapphires, or moissanite.

Muchas danke to Fashionably Geek.

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