Cremation Ash Diamonds

By: on February 10, 2012
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From ashes to ashes...to bedazzled ashes. Gone are the days of keeping the deceased in our hearts. In their place? Keeping the deceased around our fingers, atop our wrists, or dangling from our necks. LifeGem diamonds are manmade jewels molecularly identical to their natural counterparts, and created by extracting carbon from the cremated remains of anyone who was precious to you. With about 8 ounces of ash, the company's technology can extract and purify enough carbon to transfer into its gem presses--massive containers designed to replicate the heat and extreme pressure exerted on the same elements in deep earth. The variables of these forces cause the carbon compounds to break into individual atoms, which in turn crystallize into a rough stone form. The longer they're in the press, the larger the resultant uncut stone. Once the transition is complete, the diamond is ready for cutting and setting to the wearer's specifications. The effect of a cremation ash diamond is equal to that of a naturally occurring diamond--it has the same hardness, brilliance, fire, and luster. Its personal meaning and significance, however, will redefine your interpretation of a precious gem.

LifeGem will also forge diamonds from a loved one's lock of hair, or a baby's umbilical cord, though the latter is not done very often because it is A) gross and B) not an option for all of the cultures who like to make dinner, not diamonds, out of after-birth by-products. It is also possible to create a piece of jewelry from non-human ash. Australian shepherds who ate a pile of rocks, 23-year-old feline life partners who finally kicked it, vampire soulmates you just accidentally impaled on your bedpost....

Diamonds are available in a range of sizes and colors, including clear, yellow, blue, red, and green. LifeGem also provides ring and pendant settings. Please note that LifeGem is very happy to put a price on a life, and that those prices start at around $2,500 for a 0.1 to 0.19 carat diamond, not including the setting. So best to consult your financial planner before committing to forever removing the "gone" from the phrase "dead and gone".

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Tulry Utility Necklace

$84 - $128 from Uncommon Goods »

Nate Barr had the ladies in mind when he created the Tulry Utility Necklace. Of his chevron-shaped twist on the Swiss Army Knife, the Portland, Maine-based artist says he got the idea after noticing almost all everyday...

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The Bushcraft Fire Starter Necklace

$28 from Amazon »

Add a spark to your relationship by gifting your lady The Bushcraft, a fire starter necklace as outdoor chic as it is survival savvy. The handcrafted pendant is made in 2 parts, both serving aesthetic and functional purposes....

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50 Pearl-Laden Oysters

$199 from Amazon »

Simultaneously the most thoughtful and disgusting gift a girl could ever get. Each of these 50 freshwater oysters is guaranteed to have a real, 6mm to 7mm round akoya pearl inside. But here's the catch: uh, the pearls...

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Steel Self Defense Bracelet

$29.69 from Amazon »

Self defense or self-inflicted injury? Swingin' 'round this full steel bracelet like a chain whip without really knowing how to swing 'round a chain whip, it could really go either way....

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LED Eyelashes

These are aptly named. An ingenious piece of technology wrought from Asian women's desire to have larger eyes, these seem more fit for the drug-and-urine-splattered concrete floor of the next rave in Omaha, Nebraska....

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Diamond Ring Candles

$24.95 from Diamond Candles »

Diamond Candles makes candles (duh) with embedded diamonds (du...really?) Each candle is guaranteed to contain a sparkly ring for its burner to discover as the wax diminishes. Granted, they're not all diamonds, and they're...

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Zelda Poe Soul in a Bottle Necklace

$12 from Etsy »

If I killed dead a being of pure hatred and encapsulated it in its lantern, I'd take the rupees from the Poe Collector for it rather than let it dangle from my neck so dangerously close to my heart. Sure Poe Souls can...

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Designer Star Wars Jewelry

$75 - $13,250 from Geek Dot Jewelry »

Paul Bierker is a formally educated designer with a BFA in Jewelry Design and Graphic Design, and a BAMF in handcrafted Star Wars jewelry. Even I might wear a ladies' sapphire and diamond ring if it also looked like the...

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Mantis Vicious Circle Knife

$94.95 from Amazon »

Circles symbolize unity, wholeness, totality. And also hidden, razor-sharp blades. At least when they're Vicious Circles, and come forth from the loins of Mantis Knives....

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Grass Knuckles - Living Jewelry

When it comes to living things, are you more into cultivating them, or popping them in the jaw? Icelandic industrial designer Hafsteinn Juliusson's live grass knuckles are brilliantly executed wearable flora for the half...

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Treeincarnation: From Ashes to Spiritree

$225 from The Spiritree »

Hello, children. In today's lesson we will learn about death and gardening. First, meet Walter. Walter is dead. That's why he fits so easily inside this urn. Now meet the Spiritree. The Spiritree is also an urn, but it...

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CUFF Notification & 911 Smart Bracelet

$85.99 from Amazon »

Give your lady an extra layer of connectivity and safety when she's on her own...and, OK, feel a little better walking through a sketch area yourself when the two of you are together...with CUFF jewelry. The CUFF bracelet...