Clifton Flat Engagement Ring Case

Posted: September 08, 2014
Clifton Flat Engagement Ring Case
$90 - $109
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Not that I would ever agree to shackle myself to the soul-sucking institution of marriage, but if a lady were to ask for my hand I guess I would at least pretend to think about it if she presented my ring (made of meteorites and dinosaur bones) in a Clifton flat engagement ring case.

Created by Andrew Zo, Vacouver-based packaging designer and master manipulator of 3-dimensional space, the Clifton provides an alternative to the bulky felt ring boxes that have long made proposing men look like their important question is who should they go see about the golf ball-sized tumor in their chest or thigh. As small and flat as a wallet, Zo's case measures just 1 cm thick. The exact right size for slipping easily and unnoticeably into a pants or jacket pocket. (Which also saves men from the catastrophic possibility of carrying an engagement ring around caseless and having it fall into the toilet when they're in the john working up the nerve to pop the question.)

A practical and unique solution to a semi-problem, the Clifton's low profile isn't even the best thing it has to offer. Click here to see the nifty, like-a-flower-blooming show it puts on when opened. Ooooh! Ahhhh! says your imminent finacee, that's the most beautiful and amazing thing I've ever seen ever! So beautiful and amazing, in fact, that she'll probably be totally cool when she finds out you spent more on the box than you did her engagement ring.

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