Chicken on the Spit Ring

By: on April 02, 2012
Chicken on the Spit Ring

Who'da thunk a ring flaunting a Crayola yellow chicken roasting over an open flame would be in the repertoire of a museum-quality jewelry designer and metalworker? And really, in what frame of mind must creator Andy Cooperman have been when he conceived this most excellent of fourth-finger funk? Had he just curled up by a cracklin' fire to watch a Muppets marathon, and felt an overwhelming affinity for Fozzie Bear's rubber chicken, Clyde? Or had he just passed a fat doobie 'round the campfire, and experienced a moment of inspiration as he mowed on canned chicken and s'mores? Wherever the vision came from, we reap the benefits in the form of an outlandish sight for amusement-starved eyes. The cluckin' spit even rotates! All rings are custom-made, and Cooperman's listing shows two takes on the theme, which can also be tweaked to buyer specifications as per the nature of the CustomMade marketplace.

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Purchase Details: $500