Camo Titanium Ring

Posted: March 18, 2013
Camo Titanium Ring
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Here's a clever solution for men who want to hide that they're married without taking off their wedding ring: finger camo! "I swear I had it on the whole night, but no one seemed to see it...." Laid over a titanium band to further increase the cool factor, Rustic Tendencies' camouflage wedding ring doesn't just suit husbands with shady intentions, but hunters and outdoors fans as well.

Metalworker Mark camo dips a high quality fiber inlay, heat presses it into the di-cut titanium base, and then seals the ring with a heat-pressed, 1/8" thick clear resin coating to guarantee the incognito portion of the band won't peel or fade. Size 9 comes as an 8mm wide band, and size 7 a 6mm wide band; size 8 has its pick.

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