Angel Ring

Posted: July 03, 2012
Angel Ring
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Does wearing this persuasion of winged creature on our middle fingers make flipping someone the bird an act of goodwill? When the angels on our shoulders travel south and set up shop on Tallman, is the urge to raise him in fits of traffic-inspired rage mollified? These are the philosophical meanderings Turkish designer Selda Okutan's Angel Ring inspires. Available in Dark Angel Black, and Angel of Light Silver variations, the two-piece rings use either black or white gold plating atop sterling silver, with 8mm zircon stones at the inside centers of the winged pieces. The lounging couple holding hands draped across the top of each stone surely has some metaphorical meaning as well, but those two interpretive gems about everyone's favorite non-verbal F You I unleashed earlier pretty much tapped my analytical powers for the day.

Okutan's Angel Rings, sold through her Etsy shop as part of a collection aptly titled "Angel", show no finger discrimination, and are available in any ring size.

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