9 Planets Ring with Spinning Meteorite Band

By: on January 27, 2015

Why should ladies and rappers get all the fancy jewelry? John Biagiotti of Metamorphosis Design believes men should be able to get in on the expensive gifts and signs of baller status too. Men like you and me. Men who dig science, the solar system, things that come crashing to Earth from outer space. Here he's folded some of that masculine enthusiasm, plus something shiny and something spinny, into his Nine Planets ring.

Now the Nine Planets Ring has 3 trump cards over the fat rock on the fat finger of the lady slurping her coffee next to me:

  1. A complete band of Gibeon Meteorite framed and mounted in its 18k gold band.
  2. 9 different gemstones scaled to represent each of the planets (Pluto gets a break!) set in the meteorite band.
  3. Rotational dominance. The meteorite band spins independent of the gold ring, so when in place, the planets actually rotate around the wearer's finger, thus proving to his wife that he is in fact the center of the universe.

Nine Planets Ring meteorite has been etched with nitric acid to bring out the unique patterns of iron meteorites, called Widmanstatten figures. Planet stones include:

  • Mercury: orange Sapphire
  • Venus: golden Sapphire
  • Earth: irradiated blue Diamond
  • Mars: Ruby
  • Jupiter: Opal
  • Saturn: Cats Eye Chrysoberyl with inlaid 24k gold ring
  • Uranus: green Sapphire
  • Neptune: blue Sapphire
  • Pluto: black Diamond

This Nine Planets Ring weighs 26 grams and measures 10.5mm wide. It can be custom made in any size, and is also available in an 8.5mm wide version so that ladies, begrudgingly, can get in on the stellar action too.

Muchas danke to David S. for the Dude Product Tip.

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