Posted: June 13, 2013
Check It Out

I thought maybe SleepPhones blocked out the sounds of snoring and garbage trucks and sirens and stupid F'ing songbirds with some sort of industrial acoustic insulation woven inside their fleece headband, but the self-described "pajamas for your ears" are actually a set of headphones. According to their makers, the softest, most pleasant headphones you'll ever wear, and the ultimate accessory for listening to music, TV, or white noises that do assist in blocking out sounds of the above nuisances in bed.

SleepPhones are lined with thin, removable speakers whose wire plugs into any device with a 3.5mm jack. Unlike regular headphones and earbuds, their fitted headband design makes them comfortable to wear all night, as well as prevents them from falling away from your ears, wrapping around your neck, and strangling you as you turn over.

If you like the idea of listening to something besides the person next to you in bed, but you're not down with a fleece headband constricting your skull for 8 hours, give the Speaker Pillow a whirl.

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