Retro Fanny Pack Hats

Posted: July 24, 2019
Retro Fanny Pack Hat
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Totally rad, dude, I just found the perfect fanny pack hat to wear to lunch at the Saved By the Max pop-up when I'm in LA next week. Neon pink with blue patterning that falls somewhere between tribal symbols and a Pac-Man maze. I just hope I can get a reservation for...

Wait, what??!! The West Hollywood Saved By the Max closed? It was open as late as last May, what the Samuel Powers happened? Where am I gonna get my Kapowski's Fried Pickles and AC Sliders now?

Pssshhh. Guess I'll just have to wear my fanny pack hat to lunch at non-Saved By the Bell-themed restaurants then.

If you're not digging the neon pink retro fanny pack hot, not to worry. The 80s / 90s throwback headwear comes in almost two dozen different colors and styles, all with the money pouch (literally and figuratively) stitched in and zippered up across the front.

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