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Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Princess Leia Beanie

Princess Leia Beanie - Front View
  • Princess Leia Beanie - Front View
  • Princess Leia Beanie - 3/4 View
  • Princess Leia Beanie - Top View

The Princess Leia Beanie is buns o' fun. Wah, wah. Well, what else can we say? Star Wars fans gotta like it by proxy, Stitch 'N' Bitch circle members gotta like it by definition, and girls gotta like it 'cause it's warm, and girls are always cold. The crocheted head decor, according to its Etsy vendor's listing, "fits all adults and most children." So we guess if your kid has a freakishly small, shrunken noggin like Beetlejuice at the end of the movie, Leia's yarned-out 'do is not going to fit. For the rest of the population, it's a Force ready to be with you.

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