Dry Erase Rally Flip Caps

By: on August 13, 2014
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Dry Erase Snapback Rally Flip Caps are kind of like bumper stickers for your head. Except they don't stick there permanently until you scrape them off with Avon products and razor blades. Available in 6-panel, trucker, and forthcoming visor forms, the Express Yourself! hats can not only be applied and removed at will, but also project to the world clever phrases and beliefs as changing as your impulses and moods. Hmmm...so maybe Rally Flip Caps are more like Tweets than bumper stickers. But with some additional personal accountability given that the girl you like's d-bag boyfriend Brad will be able to see your face, and possibly punch you in it, as soon as you Rally Flip Tweet, "My sources say Brad eats wiener."

Dry Erase Snapbacks have a 6" x 2-1/2" dry erase board incorporated into their bills. When not in use they snap shut along the hat's main structure, maintaining the look of a normal ball cap. And when you're feeling the call of the pen--an included black dry erase marker--the boards flip 90 degrees upward, standing tall along their cap's front end.

Rally Flip Cap currently offers 6 different styles/colors of its Dry Erase Snapback: 6-panel traditional caps with either black or white interiors; trucker style hats with black, white, or grey mesh interiors; and the black visor.

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Gotcha Cap Self Defense Tool

Sold Out from Amazon »

You can watch the video to see the Gotcha Cap in action, or click here to watch a GIF of it showing a punk ass watermelon what's up. Issued by FAB Defense, the Gotcha Cap is a covert self defense tool (and swell hat!)...

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Sap Cap - Weaponized Baseball Hat

Sold Out from Amazon »

Unassuming. Low-profile. Comfortable. Able to shatter wrist bones. Just the combination of qualities I've been looking for in a baseball hat. The Sap Cap takes traditional headwear to the covert weapon level with its...

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Crocheted Knight Helmet

$19.99 - $26 from Amazon »

Medieval knight helmets. That's what hip nanas who know what it means to give their grandsons street cred crochet. Now I don't know if Dee Forrest is a grandma, but she's definitely privy to what the cool kids these days...

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KAVU Chillba Hat

$31.50 - $44.95 from Amazon »

A KAVU Chillba Hat, some KEEN UNEEK Sandals, and an unwavering commitment to bringing the whole team--even the kids who just stand around at midfield and barely break a sweat--orange slices for after their soccer games...

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Stetson Carbon Fiber Fedora

Know when I could have used a carbon fiber fedora? Nope, that's not a question dripping in sarcasm whose answer is "Never." I really could have used a carbon fiber fedora last week when my girlfriend dragged me to some...

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Leather Star Wars Hats

$149.99 - $594.99 from Etsy »

Swans have a reputation for both beauty and aggression, and I think The Blonde Swan nails both with her lavishly brash Star Wars-themed leather hats. All come out of Swan Elisabeth Martin's custom Victorian milliner's...

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Brain Hat

$5 from Ravelry »

Too stoic to wear your heart on your sleeve? Then wear your frontal lobe on your Bieber side-swept bangs! The "brainchild" of a self-proclaimed starving medical student, this clever, kitschy knitting pattern will earn...

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Kids Ultimate Bearded Beanie


The bearded beanie is a perfect way to keep your kid warm and make him look like he has a beard. I have a feeling that it is also a great way to torment your kid, give him an itchy face, and possibly have lasting effects...

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Princess Leia Beanie

$29.99 from Etsy »

The Princess Leia Beanie is buns o' fun. Wah, wah. Well, what else can we say? Star Wars fans gotta like it by proxy, Stitch 'N' Bitch circle members gotta like it by definition, and girls gotta like it 'cause it's warm...

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Chalkboard Wall Paint

$9.67 from Amazon »

Now that the kiddos are back in school, wouldn't it be fun one day when they come home to surprise them with wall-to-wall chalkboards in their bedrooms? Chalkboards you have covered in times tables, Spanish verb conjugations...

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Men's Dino Hood

$54 from Etsy »

Mr. Stegosaurus, what soft scales you have. The better to nuzzle you with, my dear. And Mr. Stegosaurus, what flappy spikes you have. The better not to impale you with, my dear. And Mr. Stegosaurus, what hipster-humanlike...

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Breaking Bad Heisenberg Hat

$195 from Goorin Bros. »

I'm pretty sure Macklemore, that Caucasian rapper from the Pacific Northwest, spoke of this hat in his song about wearing your grampy's coat and purchasing clothes from a thrift shop. Funny how milliner Goorin Bros. can...