DIY Cardboard Masks

By: on October 23, 2014
  • DIY Cardboard Masks
  • DIY Cardboard Masks
  • DIY Cardboard Masks
  • DIY Cardboard Masks
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If you've left costume planning for your Halloween, or Eyes Wide Shut, party to the 11th hour, Steve Wintercroft may have a downloadable solution for you. I say "may" because his nifty animal, skull, and humanoid masks are all DIY, sold as templates with instructions for building them from cardboard. Meaning the wearer('s mama) will need a modicum of artistic talent and the patience to sit through a craft night to successfully pull off Chihuahua Boy or Ode to "What Does the Fox Say?" this year.

Wintercroft's whole-head mask designs range from lions and tigers and bears to a human skull to a big ol' pumpkin head. Purchase price includes instant access to printable patterns (PDF) and instructions for constructing the selected mask. DIYers should allow around 3 hours to complete their costume, though Wintercroft says his instructions and templates are easy to follow and masks can be assembled by anyone. Mask material requirements are simple: cardboard, preferably recycled, optionally the kind that has grease stains and still smells like Sausage Supreme pizza; and tape.

DIY cardboard masks are a top Dude Gift for Halloween and Gift for a Party pick.

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