Carbon Fiber & Kevlar Motorcycle Helmet

Posted: May 31, 2015
Carbon Fiber & Kevlar Motorcycle Helmet

Get Lost Helmets has just released this German-style dome protector woven from a blend of carbon fiber and Kevlar. Though not DOT-rated, they say it's pretty strong. As in, "It can be ran over with a truck, and not even show a scratch. Yeah, a TRUCK." More importantly, the helmet's interior has undergone rigorous design trials to ensure that wearing it will not curse you with the least manly of biker looks: mushroom head.

The German helmet's liner is Ensolite, a NASA-developed foam. Its impact rating is lower than that of a standard DOT helmet, which is why Get Lost Helmets reiterates theirs doesn't have the org's stamp of approval. But they say it does win hands down in the comfort department, and reiterate that you won't look like you've had a shiitake day when you take it off.

In addition to its carbon fiber and Kevlar outer shell, the German bike helmet is fitted with performance nylon straps and a quick-clip buckle. All helmets and components are made in the USA.

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