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Posted: Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bloody Beanies

Bloody Eyeball Beanie
  • Bloody Eyeball Beanie
  • Bloody Beer Bottle and Lizard Tail Beanies
  • Bloody Brain Beanie
  • Bloody Hockey Puck Beanie
  • Bloody Stake Beanie

Excuse me, sir, but I think you have an open contusion with a protruding eyeball the size of my daughter's face on the side of your head. Halloween be damned. Bloody Beanies were invented for anyone who wants to stay warm while creeping out, disgusting, or I suppose in some cases, totally turning on passersby. Anyone remember Massive Head Wound Harry from SNL? Here's your chance to incur the same sick fascination in those you encounter, without the fancy prostheses and expensive makeup artists. It's even possible to personalize the gross-out endeavor with beanies bleeding the wearer's favorite topic or pastime: stake impalements for vampire fanatics; beer bottles for brewsky lovers; lizard tails for fantasy die-hards; hockey pucks for hockey fans; and gooey brains for neurologists.

Thanks to Mark M. for turning us on to the cool costumes and props to be had from Specter Studios.

Purchase Details: $30 from Specter Studios »
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